I had the amazing opportunity to work for the new and upcoming brand in South Africa - Take Charge: "A luxury, genuine leather handbag and iPad collection designed and crafted in Cape Town, South Africa, with the purpose of extending your connection-to-the-world time through an built-in Smartphone and Tablet charger".

My role was to help design the new Autumn/Winter collection which was inspired by a much more modern yet simplistic design, in contrast to the original range which was very vibrant and colourful. We came up with a new battery concept for the bag yet keeping our original two-tone identity. I not only helped design the collection but produced all the visuals and content for the website, social media, and blog. I loved exposing the brand and working with other companies and brands to promote Take Charge. Working with Elle, Grazia, Dermologica and famous South African bloggers was a great insight into the world of fashion and of course making new contacts. Working on design, production, branding and marketing, it was an amazing experience to work with wonderful people and also design bags that people would love!

Below -------> Samples bags made and ready for order

Below -------> Working drawings before put into production


instagram: @takechargesa


Michael Kors

I had the most amazing time working at the London head office for Michael Kors. I was offered an internship there for the Pre-Fall Market season that was taking place in January; new collections, accessories and merchandise. It was a great opportunity to be part of an amazing design team, therefore with this internship I finally got the opportunity to be part of a large team of people from showroom assitants, models to buyers. From unpacking new products, to labelling, sorting out the rails for buyers, the whole process was smooth yet exciting. I had the opportunity to style all the models in the new collection, liaise and advise byers on clothing and work as a team with the people around me to ensure that everything happened efficiently and on time.  I was able to see what happens behind the scenes of big labels and within the fashion world. It was also amazing to meet famous buyers from companies such as Net-A-Porter, Selfridges, MyWardrobe and more, which inspired me to potentially to take up a career within this part of industry.

Catherine & Kate


As a freelance writer, I was asked to contribute to a new fashion website called Catherine and Kate, which was purely based on exposing and buying statement pieces. I loved this concept because when buying a huge ring or a necklace for an occasion it would be ideal if there was a website that only had these pieces.

'Catherine' represented femininity, class, a well put-together and posh look, whilst 'Kate' was about being edgy, rock ’n' roll and sexy. Mix them together and it conjures pure statement pieces that cater for both unique styles.

I wrote about current trends and upcoming pieces that the target market were purchasing as well as current fashion that interested me. Researching appropriate bloggers for the website, researching trends and creating interesting, engaging articles for customers/ bloggers to read, I thoroughly enjoyed writing and intend to write similar pieces in the future.

Skills I learnt:

- Learning how to create effective headlines

- Familiarity with basic types of ever-green articles

- Independent topic selection and research

- Basic link-building through linking to other information

Verge Magazine

I was appointed by the Editorial Assistant at the magazine to contribute to 'Verge Magazine' within the fashion section of the publication. Verge Magazine is a student magazine which is completely free and is printed every academic year. This gave me the opportunity to write intriguing, engaging and fun pieces for students to read as well as contribute to a social media website. As a previous student myself, I was able to share my own experiences, especially with fashion throughout the articles.

I developed my skills as a writer, researching trends and creating artistic, aesthetically pleasing visuals. The article I wrote about ensured that it was affordable for students and aimed towards girls with a certain budget.



The Pretty Blog

An amazing online website based in Cape Town, South Africa was requiring a new Editor for the blog. Naturally I applied because it sounded like the most wonderful experience as my passion for writing was increasing more and more. I got through to the second stage of the job process, where I had to produce 6 types of articles / blog posts to show off my writing experience, revealing what I could bring to the site. Through this process I produced an array of different pieces that I am particularly proud of. If I was the editor of a blog these are the type of pieces I would produce to make the blog more interesting and see it grow.

“Life is for living; Love it, Live it”

Lili Life


This new and exciting website is soon to be launched in Australia. It's a website that focuses on and brings together new and upcoming business, as well as brands that are local to the community; through Design, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Style, Sport and anything Creative, not only in Australia but around the world. My role within the company was to write engaging and interesting pieces within the Style, Design and Travel section of the site. Not only locally in Australia, but also from London and alternative places I traveled too, I continue to write pieces for the website to promote places of interest local to myself. This is giving me even more experience in online journalism and research for an amazing new brand and company.


A brand new hotel had launched in Brisbane just before I left Australia and I was lucky enough to explore it’s new décor and lunch spot. The whole dynamic of the hotel was very modern and luxurious, yet quirky. I wrote a piece about the hotel as a whole and also the eccentric work-wear; Black Milk Clothing sponsored the hotels uniform which was an aspect of the hotel that I found particularly interesting. 

The first article I wrote for the website was on my trip to Mauritius. It was a brief visit, yet a beautiful one. Mauritius is such a beautiful island and on route to South Africa in September 2014, I had the opportunity to explore over a 4 days period. I wrote about the culture, the beautiful beaches and activities to explore on the island.

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