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I was so happy to be given the opportunity to write for the online travel company, 'Overseas Attractions'; "Our ultimate goal is to cover all the best attractions around the world and continue to share experiences at these destinations. Hotels and flights, as important as they may be, aren’t the highlights. It’s the attractions!" I wanted to create a piece of writing that was engaging and factual, as well as inspiring. For other people to gain an idea of the journey I went on, I had to write an itinerary; a step by step guide to every day. I chose South Africa as the first destination to write about because it is my favourite place in the world to date. I visited many places, yet South Africa truly is beautiful and my most memorable. I returned for the 6th time last christmas, and used that as my guide to writing this piece. I'm heading back in a couple of weeks after my trip to Mauritus so i'm hoping to write a piece about that slice of paradise too. Click & Enjoy! South Africa in 11 Days


In February 2014 I decided that I would fulfull my longlife dream of living in Australia. I was in a fortunate position where I wasn't set on a career path, therefore there wasn't anything holding me back, so I took the leap to jet off down-under. It was all very quick. I booked 2 months prior to my flight and before I knew it, I was on a 24hr plane journey across the other side of the world. I travelled the East Coast of Australia extensively and visited some cities more than once. I lived a month of my time in Australia in NSW and on the Gold Coast which I absolutely loved. Waking up to blue sky and sunshine every day really is a treat. After my travels and briefly escaping to Indonesia, I settled in Brisbane, in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Brisbane river, with a job in Interior Design , in a country which definitely exceeded my expectations.

Indonesia & South East Asia
California/ Las Vegas, USA

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